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I sit here in my semi-dark home office trying to roll out this blog before my daughter wakes up. Yes, it is 8AM and my 8 month old daughter is still asleep. I’m a lucky mom. She will be up soon so I only have a few moments but the desire to get this blog started it eating at me so here I am.

My current plan is to blog about anything and all things that strike me as worthy of writing about. My interests and experience are quite varied and so hopefully my musings will be interesting to a number of you. Topics will vary from observations on humanity, this incredible evolution of social networking (a particular interest right now), general technology (I have a CS degree, used to be a developer, have run engineering, implementation and sales for a start-up and then…well, more to come on my career later), gadgets (my most recent one is an iPhone – exciting as I just left Microsoft and honestly couldn’t have had one before as a good employee), going green (for instance, we’re joining a CSA next year), travel (a passion), great food & wine (another passion), babies (joys and trials of caring for our sweet little girl and the industry around babies), living in New England and owning a 130+ year old house.

 I hope you’ll enjoy my observations and experiences.

 Some upcoming posts from my backlog of topics will be on:

–          Taberna de Haro, a fantastic Spanish restaurant

–          CSAs

–          iPhone

–          House Wine by the Magnificent Wine Co.


Till next time…







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