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Filipino food and fresh madeleines for lunch…not too shabby

Thanks again Moxsie for making lunch something special today! I’ve been looking forward to lunch today as soon as I was finished with my KungFu Tacos Roasted duck taco last Friday. I needed more Street Eats STAT! And today did not disappoint.

Today Sofie and I enjoyed some amazing Chicken AdobeHobo over rice (A traditional Filipino dish) from AdoboHobo. The flavors were deep and super tasty and the chicken just melted in your mouth. Total comfort food, perfect for the slightly chilly day. They were also serving Sisig Tacos (pork sisig topped with fresh jalapenos, onions, crema and pork chicharon) that looked fantastic. I would have gotten an order of them as well if I could have carried all of it home. Unfortunately, with sweet Sofie with me I only have on hand free to cart food home. In hindsight, I should have gotten them to give me a double order of the Chicken AdobeHobo and rice in one bowl… then I could have take home more. What we did bring home didn’t last long between the 2 of us. 

IMG_0393We also spent a few minutes taking in the staggering number of choices from Mad4Madeleines. Even though I was already carrying some goodness from AdobeHobo, the madeleines were prepackaged so I could just plop them in my bag. The had madeleines ranging from chocolate to cinnamon to strawberry guava to organic blue agave cornbread! It was pretty incredible. It was $3 for a pack of 3 and $5 for 2 packs of 3. How could I not get 2 packs? I had to try at least 2 flavors! Yes, even though Sofie is allergic to eggs and thus they would all be just for me. I went with chocolate and cinnamon. And let me tell you…they are quite delightful. They were both very airy and light, much lighter than what I expected (probably why I was able to eat more than 3 in one sitting…I won’t say how many more). The cinnamon ones had a great cinnamon scent and flavor and a great texture to the cake. But the chocolate were my favorite, a rich deep chocolate flavor delivered in the gentlest way by moist, fluffy cake. Love them.

PizzaHacker was also there rolling out dough and firing up pizzas right on the spot. They had a cooler full of fresh toppings and a row of basil plants sitting behind them waiting for leaves to be plucked to adore the pizzas. It was pretty cool. I would have loved to have tried one but Sofie was pretty hungry and not in the mood to wait (plus I could only carry so much food) so we’ll have to wait till next time. 

Thanks all for coming to Palo Alto and making my Friday extra awesome.

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