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Product Recommendation: Shopping Cart Cover

Since I am stopped at least one every two weeks by someone asking me where I got our shopping cart cover I figured I should blog about it too since I do think it was a great find.

I was initially reluctant to get any kind of shopping cart cover as I was trying to not go crazy with all the baby “stuff” you can purchase. There is something for everything and I thought this was one we could skip. I had also heard that fabric retains germs longer than metal or plastic and I wasn’t sure how often I’d be able to wash a cover. I thought, “Wouldn’t an antibacterial wipe work just as well?”

Once Sofie was old enough to actually sit in the shopping cart I soon realized my reasoning was flawed. Even though I would wipe the seat area of the cart down with an antibacterial wipe I knew I wasn’t getting everywhere her little fingers would find. I watched her like a hawk and cringed a lot – not fun.

I quickly did a bunch of research online and decided on getting the Buggy Bag Shopping Cart by Buggy Bagg. We got the black and white toile design. Here is what I love about it:       

  • My daughter seems very comfortable in it
  • Keeps your child off the metal & plastic, which means they stay clean, dry and comfortable even if the cart was outside and is cold or hot
  • Covers well without being super bulky
  • Lots of room for a sippy cup and snacks
  • Very easy to insert in the cart while holding your child
  • Handy pocket in back to throw small items in
  • Fits in every shopping cart I’ve tried (Whole Foods, Shaws, A small et store cart, Costco, Home Depot to name a few)
  • The whole thing goes in the washer and dryer
  • The pillow is detachable, we actually never used it

I just leave it in the car and it sits nicely on the floor in front of Sofie’s car seat. That way it is always there and is easy to grab after I pull my daughter out of her seat. I take it out to wash every few weeks.

If you are also thinking about a high chair cover, don’t get theirs. We did and it never seems to fit right or stay on well. We’ve now started to simply take our travel high chair with us. I need to write up a post on that too, the one we got has been working out so well!

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