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Product Recommendation: Shopping Cart Cover

Since I am stopped at least one every two weeks by someone asking me where I got our shopping cart cover I figured I should blog about it too since I do think it was a great find.

I was initially reluctant to get any kind of shopping cart cover as I was trying to not go crazy with all the baby “stuff” you can purchase. There is something for everything and I thought this was one we could skip. I had also heard that fabric retains germs longer than metal or plastic and I wasn’t sure how often I’d be able to wash a cover. I thought, “Wouldn’t an antibacterial wipe work just as well?”

Once Sofie was old enough to actually sit in the shopping cart I soon realized my reasoning was flawed. Even though I would wipe the seat area of the cart down with an antibacterial wipe I knew I wasn’t getting everywhere her little fingers would find. I watched her like a hawk and cringed a lot – not fun.

I quickly did a bunch of research online and decided on getting the Buggy Bag Shopping Cart by Buggy Bagg. We got the black and white toile design. Here is what I love about it:       

  • My daughter seems very comfortable in it
  • Keeps your child off the metal & plastic, which means they stay clean, dry and comfortable even if the cart was outside and is cold or hot
  • Covers well without being super bulky
  • Lots of room for a sippy cup and snacks
  • Very easy to insert in the cart while holding your child
  • Handy pocket in back to throw small items in
  • Fits in every shopping cart I’ve tried (Whole Foods, Shaws, A small et store cart, Costco, Home Depot to name a few)
  • The whole thing goes in the washer and dryer
  • The pillow is detachable, we actually never used it

I just leave it in the car and it sits nicely on the floor in front of Sofie’s car seat. That way it is always there and is easy to grab after I pull my daughter out of her seat. I take it out to wash every few weeks.

If you are also thinking about a high chair cover, don’t get theirs. We did and it never seems to fit right or stay on well. We’ve now started to simply take our travel high chair with us. I need to write up a post on that too, the one we got has been working out so well!


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Product Recommendation: Green Planet Stainless-Steel Bottle


We’ve been using a couple SIGG bottles for quite some time now but while we were in the Cape last week my husband picked up a larger stainless-steel bottle at a store while we were getting some groceries. The larger size meant we could share the one bottle on our outings instead of bringing more than one. After using it for a couple days I realized I actually like it more than my SIGG bottle.

The new bottle is made by Green Planet Bottle. Even though it is bigger, the bottle is contoured such that is has a really nice grip and it is still lightweight. The opening is wider and thus, easy to pour into. The metal around the opening is also thin, making drinking from the bottle nicer than from my SIGG bottle which has a pretty thick lip.

Thought I’d share this incase you’re in the market for a plastic alternative!

Green Planet Bottle Website:

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Product Recommendation: Paring Knife with Cover (Great for kids meals on the go)

I cut food into little bits for Sofie all day long and finally decided to get a few more paring knives so I could just wash them all at the end of the day. We found these great knives at Williams-Sonoma. They cut extremely well and I love that they have a cover for the blade. It means I can safely put them in a drawer with other kitchen utensils instead of a knife block. The colors are also cute and make them easy to find in a drawer full of other random kitchen tools.

Parent Tip: They are great for meals out of the house with kids!!

About 45 minutes ago I had one out to cut up some avocado maki for my 16 month old daughter (yes, it is wonderful that she likes it already! She actually loves it!) The knife cut through the rolls like butter. And I realized that I should have brought the knife out to dinner with us when we were out for sushi last Saturday.  I struggled with cutting the sushi with the knife they provided and Sofie ended up with very mangled pieces. Since these knives have a cover, I could have easily brought it and had the proper tool to cut up her rolls. It would have been nice to have for the tofu I cut up for her too. Now, if you have a child who tends to dig through your bag that idea may not be so safe, but if you can keep it away from kids it will be so great to have on hand.


It looks like you can only buy them in a set of 3 online ($29.85), but in the store you can buy them individually (~$10). We opted to get 2 green ones. It is actually a really pretty green.

Williams-Sonoma Link to Knives

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Product Recommendation: Cutting Board – Epicurean

If you are in the market for a new cutting board I highly recommend the Epicurean boards. We bought a couple about a year ago and just picked up 2 more since I now cut things so often through the day for my daughter’s meals. We discovered them at Williams Sonoma.


  • are very durable
  • go in the dishwasher
  • are eco-friendly
  • are great if you prefer wood cutting boards to others as there is a similar feel
  • come in good sizes

Here is a link to learn more about the boards –

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