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Newton, MA 100

This page is dedicated to sharing great local products and companies I have found as I continue to try to be a better localvore (where the things we use come from within 100 miles of where we live). Now, I am by no means fanatic about being a localvore – there are so many things out there to enjoy from all over the world and sometimes there is no replacing that. But I’m going to try to at least keep increasing what we consume locally since it is simply a good thing. Plus, it is also an interesting experiment to see how much of what we consume can be from local sources.

Since it can take so much research and experimenting to find products you love, let alone products that are produced within 100 miles of where you live, I thought I would publish my findings here should you live in the Newton (Boston) area and have a similar interest. So stay tuned as I will keep adding to this as have more to share and I hope you’ll share your findings with me.

We usually use whole (my tea and for my toddler) and non-fat milk (cereal) in our house.

  • The Organic Cow
    My favorite milk right now. I had never tried it until this past July when we were in the Cape and it was the only organic milk option. I am not sure if it is the raw milk or the processing but the end result is milk that I find thicker and creamier than other whole milks. So much so that I compared the nutrition label to another brand to make sure there wasn’t more fat in The Organic Cow milk. And there isn’t, same nutritional info!  Now, I just wish they sold it at Whole Foods since I’m often there picking up other things and would to buy this milk there. The Shaws in Newtonville carries it, as does Russo’s in Watertown and the Roche Brothers in Wellesley.
  • Organic Valley – New England Pastures
    We’ve been drinking Organic Valley milk for years now and it is organic and sourced from New England Dairy farms. Hard to go wrong with that. Though, after my recent discovery of The Organic Cow, I do opt for that if I have the choice. I also use their Half and Half when we need it and get their cheese sticks for my daughter’s snacks.

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Great food in Provincetown, Cape Cod (MA)

Once again, we rented a lovely house in Provincetown for a week this summer. We had a really wonderful time. We enjoyed some old favorites and stumbled upon a number of new ones! I thought I’d share all of the food related ones here should find yourself in that area sometime soon. And if you only have time to read one thing in this post, skim till you find Hatch’s Fish Market – our best find yet. If I find a few more spare minutes I’ll try to write up good activities to do with the kids.

The food is really good, and pretty quick. Go there for brunch! You seat yourself and then order at a counter. They have great indoor and outdoor seating. They do have high chairs, but you have to ask for them. We were there for brunch and I highly recommend the French Toast Texas-Style – YUM! Their side of bacon is nice too…dry, crispy and not too greasy.
214 Commercial St, Provincetown

Lobster Pot
Large menu, good food and not too fancy. They are open all day so it is a great spot to hit for an early lunch or dinner with kids. My favorite entree is the Portuguese Fish – order it! While I haven’t had it for years, I also really liked the Seafood Linguini. And of course, the lobster is great. I would not recommend the Crabmeat Salad Panini, there was a lot of mayo and other items taking away from the crab and making the sandwich really goopy.
321 Commercial St, Provincetown

Big Daddy Burritos
Nice little take out place. It is down a little plaza of shops on Commercial St, which can make it hard to miss, so definitely look a map. A good marker is a kids toy store right next to it, with its store front on Commercial. It may look like a dive but the menu is great, fresh ingredients and something for everyone from beef (what I had) to catfish (Jeromy had them and I tried a bite – yummy) to tofu and veggie fillings for burritos,  quesadillas and soft tacos. They even make their own salsa daily.
205 Commercial St, Provincetown

Central House at the Crown and Anchor hotel
Very delicious gourmet menu and slightly fancier environment. We have been there twice now and both times they have been totally cool and accommodating for the kids. They even have a kids menu. We do of course always arrive pretty early.  They have a nice open air seating area, which is where we always sit.
247 Commercial St, Provincetown

Provincetown Portuguese Bakery
I usually have to stop there a few times each visit. They have so many things that remind me of my childhood growing up in Macau. A couple favorites are the salted cod cakes and the sweet Bolas De Berlim, which are fried donuts with a creamy custard filling rolled in sugar. Yum. They have lots of great breads and other sweet treats. They even serve some hot savory items at another counter in the shop. I have yet to try anything from that menu but come close every time I’m there. Timing just never really worked out.
299 Commercial St, Provincetown
No website, so here’s the yelp link.

Far and Land
A nice little grocery. But the best part are their prepared foods, treats and sandwich counter. They make a mean egg, bacon and cheese, english muffin sandwich in the am.

The Fudge Shop
Diagonally across the street from Big Daddy Burritos, on Commercial. Try the white chocolate Almond Bark – super good. I’m not normally a fudge fan but Julia let me try her Peanut Butter Fudge and it was awesome.

Hatch’s Fish Market
We did a lot of cooking while we were there and are so thrilled to have found this place. They had the most amazing fresh fish and produce. It is so great it feels like you should hear symphony music as you walk in. You will want to by everything. Try not to drool too much.
310 Main St, Wellfleet

Arnold’s Lobster and Clam Bar
If you want a super satisfying fried food fix, this is the place to stop. and other healthier options. There is also an ice-cream stand on the property.
3580 State Highway, Rt 6, Eastham

Do you have any favorites that you don’t see here? I’d love to hear about them.

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I sit here in my semi-dark home office trying to roll out this blog before my daughter wakes up. Yes, it is 8AM and my 8 month old daughter is still asleep. I’m a lucky mom. She will be up soon so I only have a few moments but the desire to get this blog started it eating at me so here I am.

My current plan is to blog about anything and all things that strike me as worthy of writing about. My interests and experience are quite varied and so hopefully my musings will be interesting to a number of you. Topics will vary from observations on humanity, this incredible evolution of social networking (a particular interest right now), general technology (I have a CS degree, used to be a developer, have run engineering, implementation and sales for a start-up and then…well, more to come on my career later), gadgets (my most recent one is an iPhone – exciting as I just left Microsoft and honestly couldn’t have had one before as a good employee), going green (for instance, we’re joining a CSA next year), travel (a passion), great food & wine (another passion), babies (joys and trials of caring for our sweet little girl and the industry around babies), living in New England and owning a 130+ year old house.

 I hope you’ll enjoy my observations and experiences.

 Some upcoming posts from my backlog of topics will be on:

–          Taberna de Haro, a fantastic Spanish restaurant

–          CSAs

–          iPhone

–          House Wine by the Magnificent Wine Co.


Till next time…






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