I heart Sweet Constructions

June 24, 2010 at 7:05 pm 1 comment

Sweet Constructions is now my favorite cookie company.

I first encountered Sweet Constructions one Friday afternoon while making my weekly visit to Moxsie Street Eats (each week Moxsie invites different street food vendors to their little parking lot to serve up their delicious edible creations to the local Palo Alto community – it is really fantastic!!!). On this particular Friday Sweet Constructions shared the lot with Curry Up Now and The Chai Cart.

I was in a bit of a hurry so we beelined for Sweet Constructions. I had visited their website in anticipation of Street Eats and was dying to try their goods. I got a chocolate crackle cookie and two mini cupcakes, red velvet and salted caramel latte.

After having lunch with Sofie and putting her down for her nap I was finally able to try out my treats. I had just set a cup of tea and the chocolate crackle cookie on my coffee table when I heard a beep on my computer – new email. I went to check it. A few seconds later I heard my dog licking his lips, rather too happily, and realized I had made a fatal mistake. I had left my cookie unattended in a spot all too easy for my dog to snag it. Based on it being at his level he probably thought it was a gift – one he obviously really enjoyed. I was quite saddened by the loss of the cookie, imagining what it would have tasted like. I tweeted “Got a delicious looking @sfcookies chocolate crackle @moxsie street eats…I left it unattended for a minute and my dog ate it. So so sad.” And they very kindly tweeted back “@jeanniecarriere next time we’re @moxsie introduce yourself & your dog. We’ll give u a chocolate crackle. U can eat it in front of him.”

Luckily I had the two mini cupcakes to drown my sadness in, and the salted caramel latte one was like nothing I’d ever tasted before, lots of deep layers of flavors that sneak up on you, super good. But I still really wanted a chocolate crackle, they were calling to me. After a few days I broke down and ordered some online since i wasn’t sure when I’d cross their path again. 

My delivery arrived yesterday with an unexpected extra bag of 4 crackles (!) and a note saying, “Thanks for your order! We were sorry to hear you didn’t get to taste teh crackles at Moxsie, so we added a few more crackles to your box. Just keep these away from the dog” How awesome is that? I love when people seem to really care about what they do, their customers and don’t hesitate to spread a little goodwill.  So in addition to entrancing my taste buds with their cookies, they have won my heart with a simple yet thoughtful and much appreciated gesture.

You must be wondering, how do the chocolate crackles taste? In a word – AMAZING. They are almost like mini chocolate pavlovas but with an inside more like a pillowy brownie. Despite being delivered they tasted so fresh, like a neighbor had just baked a batch and dropped them on my doorstep. You can tell the ingredients are top notch and a lot of love went into them. To die for. They are also the perfect size. If you need a treat but want to be good, you can stick with one. But if you want to take the plunge you can go in for a second and still not feel too guilty. At least that is what I’m telling myself since I ate two in a row…before lunch.

If you’re local to San Francisco you’ll find them at a handful of locations in the city, including their roving Cookie Cart which is usually on Valencia Street at 20th on Friday evenings or on the road at special events, like Moxsie Street Eats. Check out their “About” section on their website for details. Don’t despair if you’re further away since they will ship cookies directly to you and I can attest that they show up fresh tasting and ready to be devoured! I suggest you order some chocolate crackles immediately (at a minimum). I am actually about to send a sampler to my brother at his clothing and accessory store Uncle Pete’s in Boston. I expect he’ll share some with the lucky customers who happen to be shopping when it arrives 🙂

If I manage to snap a photo of a crackle before finishing them I’ll update this post with it so you can see what I mean when I say they were calling to me.

Definitely check them out!
twitter: @sfcookies

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