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Well overdue…

We have moved from the Boston area (Newton) to Palo Alto, California. The move and life in general has kept me so busy that my poor blog has suffered from total abandonment the last few months. And it is so ironic because there has been so so much to write about and share…that pesky thing called time just seemed to keep eluding me.

Moving and settling in across the country is quite a lengthy and laborious task. But we have made a lot of progress since we moved here the very beginning of January 2010. I finally think I may be able to sneak away for a few minutes here and there to share some our adventures here on the West Coast. 

Our new home, Palo Alto is about 30 minutes south of San Francisco and is home to Stanford University, a number of high tech companies such as Facebook and Hewlett-Packard and some of the best public schools around. We actually live right in downtown Palo Alto, which is a very vibrant and walkable area with tons of shops, eateries and parks. Part of our criteria for picking where we would live was being able to walk to a farmer’s market, and we now live a mere 0.6 miles from one in Palo Alto. Yay!

If you had read my blog before this move you would have noticed I was trying to build a reference of great local products and companies that I found while trying to be a better localvore (where it made sense). It was called Newton 100. Well, I have removed that section from my blog since, well, we’re not in Newton anymore and honestly there is almost no point in having such a reference here since it is like being in a candy store for anyone who wants great local produce and products. In fact, almost every other yard had some kind of citrus tree growing in it (even tiny yards!) – you can’t get more local than that! And since we moved here in January, all of these citrus trees have been green with gorgeous fruit dangling from them. I am a bit in awe. So much so that I have caught the bug and am in the process of squeezing as many edible (but easy to take care of and perennial) plants in our little garden as possible. We’re in the middle of a landscaping project to make our yard more functional for our family and I figure, if you’re going to plant something, why not have it be edible? You can grow so much here, there are so many fun choices that will provide great treats to eat, a fun experience for us (especially our daughter) and make the garden look great. I find myself getting a little giddy thinking about it. I’ll be sure to blog about the landscaping project and show you pictures of the end result.

In addition to the great produce (and year long farmers markets) we have found a number of local gems that I’ll write more about like Straus Family Dairy and 18 Rabbits Granola bars. 

Lots to love here but there are certainly things I miss quite a bit. Immediately you miss family and friends when you move somewhere without the same network. But then…other things creep up. For instance, I miss really great maple syrup! The best ones at whole foods here all come from Vermont (no real local options that I have found) and but the selection isn’t great. New England decided to keep all the good stuff to themselves. I miss the fantastic maple syrup we could buy through our CSA last summer that came from New Hampshire. Just a couple weeks ago I realized there is a huge gap in the availability of great Italian food (I haven’t had a sausage and peppers sub since I left Boston) and bakeries here. I am compensating by enjoying lots of Mexican hot chocolate…and I have asked my sister to bring me some Italian cookies from Boston when she comes to visit in a couple weeks!

Well, that is the update for now. More to come soon.


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